Ways to Read God's Love Letter

Posted October 29, 2007

Ways to Read God’s Love Letter

One of the things that motivate cultural archaeologists to keep digging deeper after making a find is the realization that many ancient cities are “stacked” on the ruins of previous cities; often several civilizations are found at the same location.

Likewise, exploring God’s word, we discover levels of truth. Historical truth – facts or words involving real people and events – often lead to doctrinal truths about God, man, sin, and salvation. Digging deeper, we find practical truth, enabling us to act on God’s word (see James 1:22-25), where learning leads to living. And even deeper probing reveals devotional truth, where the Holy Spirit teaches us (see John 14:26; 15:26; 16:13-15) through his sacred words in ways that enlighten, enable, enrich, and encourage us.

God’s word was not written to us but for us (see 2 Timothy 3:16). Digging through that word at the deepest level – that of devotional truth-we focus on the spiritual essentials, not on geographical or historical incidentals. For instance, prayerful meditation on the miraculous opening of the Red Sea (see Exodus 14) may remind us of the many times God has “opened up” opportunities for us in difficult situations. Have we ever thanked him for those grace-filled opportunities?

Prayerful reading of God’s word can warn us (see 1 Corinthians 10:1-12), offer hope to us (see Romans 15:4), and provide many other helpful insights, especially as we come to recognize it as a personal message from him (see 1 Thessalonians 2: 13).

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