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Posted January 24, 2010

Hello and a belated Happy 2010.

I thought you might like to know about the author of all the material that gets posted to

His name is Fr. John H. Hampsch, CMF. He is a Claretian (Clair-e-shun) Missionary Priest. He was ordained in 1952 and was one of the very first Catholic priests to get involved in the charismatic renewal. (SEE: 1st Corinthians Ch 12 – 14).  He refers to himself as an itinerant preacher – teacher and during 2010 Fr. John will visit New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas, Montana, and Indiana – preaching and teaching…..

Father has had a remarkable life, he traveled to 55+ countries and been in all 50 states. He seen many people healed, some instantaneously from blindness to deafness to cancer.  He lives a very simple life. He has the vow of poverty. He drives a 1990’s Honda and frequents the $ dollar store.

The main focus of the / (his) ministry – Claretian Teaching Ministry – is healing: Spiritual, emotional, and physical. Father has spend years studying the subject of demonology so many of the phone calls and emails deal with spiritual warfare, healing of the family tree, and about anything else that people have questions about. Sorry about the preposition.

If any of you are interested in writing Fr. John, his email address is

If you’re interested in looking at everything he has either written or produced, you can visit our main web site:

God Bless you today and all days,

Bob S.