The Art of Loving God

Posted September 13, 2010

St. John of the Cross wrote: “The smallest act of perfect love of God is more effective, more meritorious than all other good works put together that one could perform.” It is true that a perfect act of love of God is regarded by some theologians to be difficult to perform, since it implies total detachment from sin and habits of sin, while sincerely desiring union with God as the most desirable of all goals. But even if our love falls short of the most exquisite degree of love, enormous power is released and fathomless graces gained by even a relatively feeble act of love of God expressed by a simple prayerful, heartfelt ejaculation, such as, “My God, you are good. I truly love you!”

An act of love of God is easy to make, whether in a crowd of people, or while alone in bed. It can be done silently while waiting for a stoplight or an elevator or a restaurant waitress, or during a TV commercial. God is ever present, listening and waiting with breathless yearning for a tiny burst of love from a precious soul that acknowledges him for his fathomless goodness. For some, it may be easier to love while gazing on a devotional picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, or perhaps while viewing a colorful sunset, or while fondling a child or pet with loving gratitude, or even while luxuriating in a warm shower with loving thankfulness to a God who provides such amenities.

excerpt from “The Art of Loving God” by Father John H. Hampsch, cmf