Posted April 25, 2011

(formerly called slain in the Spirit)

What is it?

It is the power of the Holy Spirit so filling a person with a heightened inner awareness that the body’s energy fades away until it cannot stand. It is not fainting. The person keeps consciousness but is under the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

Is this experience found in the bible?

In the tenth chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, St. Luke speaks about St. Peter falling into a trance; in the description of Gethsmane, we read about the soldiers falling backward when Jesus spoke to them; and St. Paul fell to the ground during his conversion experience.

All of these experiences seem to have been similar to the experience that some have called “being slain by the Holy Spirit,” and we are calling Resting in the Holy Spirit.

What is the purpose of Resting in the Spirit?

Many people who experience Resting in the Holy Spirit experience not just the rest and peace, but God Himself in some way.

While under the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus wants to release the person from the bondage of sin and heal some area of the inner person.

The Holy Spirit is free to do many spiritual actions in the person’s mind, will, imagination, memory, and emotions when one completely rests and relaxes in His love.

What should I do before the experience?

Do not make anything happen and do not prevent His power from coming upon you by being frightened about where you will fall and how you will look and what people will think about you. Release yourself from any of these fears. Relax in His love and gently praise Him for loving you. Release yourself from all guilt feelings about not being worthy. This is not an experience for the worthy, it is for those who need release, inner healing and infilling.

What should I do during the experience?

During the experience relax in His love. Surrender to His love. Trust that something is happening in you even though you do not feel it emotionally. Stay in the position of relaxation as long as you feel you should.

What should I do after the experience?

When returning to the normal level of mind-consciousness, still inside of you any thoughts of self-condemnation, self-analysis, what will people think, disappointments that you didn’t feel anything. Remaining in the resting experience for 5 minutes or for 5 hours is not a sign of greater sinfulness or greater holiness. Words of love and worship to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit from your sincere heart keep the healing flowing in the heart continuously. Be open to living in God’s will every day. This experience of Resting in the Holy Spirit is only a beginning. The Lord will continue His work throughout the hours to come in the remaining week, month, and maybe even years. That He would want to love us and let His Precious Blood cleanse us this way is indeed a great joy. No one praying with us or touching us has healing power. Jesus is the Healer and His Holy Spirit effects the healing because the Father wants it at this moment in your life.

How to Get Rid of Blocks to Healing


Since much of our sickness begins in our mind or spirit, that is where our healing needs to begin. PRAY: “Lord, forgive me. I place my resentment, hate, bitterness, envy, (whatever needs forgiveness or deliverance) under the power of your Precious Blood. Thank you for forgiving me.”


“Lord, you have removed my sins from me as far as the East is from the West. I want to forgive …. with your forgiveness. I forgive myself as you do. God, I forgive you for taking …. (a spouse, parent, child, friend, etc.) from me … .”


Things or people in place of God equals spiritual adultery. “Lord, I totally submit myself to your Word, to your Will, to your plan for my life.”


(Two-Kingdom Living)

“Lord, show me and take from my life anything that is rooted in the satanic–jewelry, books, records, tapes, artifacts, etc … ”


Expect Jesus to touch you with His love. God will not force anything on us. Put your faith not just in your faith but in His unconditional love.


“Jesus, you said: they will lay their hands .. .’ and you said through James “confess your sins … ” Help me to do what you ask that I may be healed.” To say” if God wants me well He can just heal me” is to ignore His terms.


There is such a thing as redemptive suffering but not in the beatitudes. There is such a thing as psychological attachment to suffering. PRAY: “Jesus, your glory is in my wholeness. You bore my infirmity. You have healed my sickness. You are the same yesterday, today, and forever. The same power that healed the leper, the blind, the lame IS AT WORK IN ME and I thank you for it.. .. ” Leave the timing up to God, and the how of your healing to Him as well.


St. Paul says: “Faith comes from hearing and hearing by the Word of God. ‘: Read God’s Word especially the Gospel of Luke and highlight the healings so that you can read them again and again with a prayer like the above.


There are no best words or recipes for praying except to come before God each time praying: “Lord, show me how to pray and purify my reason for wanting this healing.” The greatest reason for healing is the Father’s Glory and because He has mercy upon us.

“They Shall Lay Hands Upon The Sick And They Shall Recover” (Mark 16:18)

(Before laying hands on the sick)

Remember Jesus works through people. He doesn’t give anyone a perfect, surething gift of healing. We always need to pray with faith in His love and His mercy. Leave the results to Him. Read as much as you can about healing. Pray and fast if you can. Ask the person to pray imagining Jesus touching him and healing. Try to give him some literature in advance.

(Laying on hands)

Imagine Jesus healing the person as you pray. Tell the Lord that you believe in what the Scripture says … that He will heal. Pray from Scriptures. Thank the Lord for the healing that is taking place. Believe that the healing has begun. Do not fret if the person feels nothing; healing depends on believing not feeling. (Some of the greatest healings have had no immediate evidence.)

(After laying on hands)

Exhort the person to continue to thank as in’#7 above freely using Scripture to grow in his faith in God’s love for him. Always imagine the person as well when praying for him.