Prayer for Universal Triumph over Evil

Posted January 16, 2014

O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, through the mighty intercession of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God and our Mother, and through the intercessions of St. Joseph her Spouse, St. Michael the Archangel and all the angels and saints of heaven, we beg you to overcome every demonic force that may strive to harm your magnificent creation, or to attack any of your people in body, mind or spirit.

Lord Jesus Christ, for the sake of your holy passion and death, echoed in the anguished heart of Mary on Calvary, we beg you to cast out all evil spirits from our land and from every nation on earth. As the sunrise dispels the darkness of night, may your Kingdom come to dispel the dark kingdom of evil that engulfs our world. Render the forces of darkness to be powerless to harm us in any way. Let the grace and peace of God shine forth gloriously in every human soul, in every marriage and family, and in every country of the world.

St. Michael, archangel and prince of the heavenly host of angels, you have received a special power from the Lord to overcome Satan and his wicked angels who rebelled against God’s plan of salvation and are now seeking the ruin of our human race. Defeat them, we beg you, and intercede for us that God’s peace and love may reign in our hearts. Pray for us that we may faithfully follow Jesus all the days of our earthly life, so that we may rejoice eternally with him in the peace of his heavenly Kingdom. Amen.