M” Is for Mother

Posted February 6, 2008

“M” Is for Mother

—and the start of many a trite and schmaltzy poem, with countless variations that range from fourth-graders’ homework assignment before Mother’s Day, to Hallmark cards, flowery or facetious, fingered on every drugstore greeting card rack. But on a more sublime note, relevant for any season of the year, a more worthy tribute is deserved by the worthiest of mothers. Did you ever think of complimenting Jesus’ Mother, of whom the Bible says (Luke 1:48) that all generations were to call her blessed? I like to think of her as the first living Eucharistic tabernacle and monstrance, as she enwombed the Incarnate Word of God within herself and birthed him as a Divine Communion for all of us, her spiritual offspring. In my fumbling efforts, during one of my lucid moments, I tried to convey this insight poetically, which I herewith quote, hopefully for the edification of anyone who might find it in some way uplifting:

Vessel of Love

She, the spotless chalice, delicate and fine;

He, the Bread from heaven, God’s celestial Wine.

She, the melting taper enwicking grace within;

He, the Flame Eternal—Love that vanquished sin.

She, the acquiescing voice that generations heard.

He, the Sound unspoken—God’s Incarnate Word.

John H. Hampsch, C.M.F.